Thursday, July 2, 2015

Fall Color Plans

I really love fall colors. Since my summer knitting goals have been a success, I'm planning my next season (although I'm also planning for this 'fall' knitting to take me into next spring). I want to use Knit Picks Swish yarn in either DK or worsted yarn. I really like the quality, and it's superwash which is great for taking care of over time.

I'm trying to decide if I should add a blue or green to even out all the warm colors, but right now I'm happy with a traditionally fall color palette. 

I've also picked out a pretty decent selection of projects to knit. I don't think I'll get through them all, but I tried to keep a similar style but have enough variety that I won't get bored. 

3 in 1, Ease, Blackberry Cabled Cardigan. These 3 are on my definite to-do list. I've liked them for a long time, but for one reason or another I never cast on and knitted them. 

Echo Lodge, Battersea Hall, Anchor Mine. I initially like Echo Lodge, but it comes in a set with several other patterns. I checked them out and I thought these two were really cute as well, so I'm adding them to my goals list. 

Ice Shanty, Still Light Tunic. I wanted to make Ice Shanty at first, doesn't it look super comfy? But then I was thinking about it, that's going to be a big undertaking. It's basically a blanket size knit in sweater form. The Still Light Tunic seemes a similar concept, but less of an 'undertaking', so it's going on my list.

Head Turner Tunic, Thousand Tides Tunic, Sperry. These are my 'like 'em, but not love 'em' list. I think these are pretty, classic silhouettes, but I'm not particularly passionate about them. I think the Head Turner Tunic has a neat construction, and Sperry is the template I'm using to knit my sister's sweater, so I'll make that one at least once. 

Tomorrow I am photographing a wedding, then driving from Columbus to Detroit for a long weekend of 4th of July celebrations and Brad's first few days at his new job. Then we're back in Columbus where one weekend bleeds into another as we move all our stuff up to Brad's parents garage for a few weeks before we're able to move into the new place. Suffice it to say, updating may be spotty for a while :)

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

FO: Coachella + Weekend stuff

I finished my Coachella top! I have a lot of opinions about it ;) I like the overall finished product, but it took a lot of work to get there. I originally cast on the large size, but when I realized it was top down and not bottom up, that the neckline was going to be *way* too big. I frogged, and recast on a small. I work a small at the neckline, and sized up to a medium by the bottom of the armholes. I knit the rest of it down, but trying it on after it was finished showed that the cowl was still way too big, but the armholes were smaller than was comfortable. I frogged just top front half, and knit it from the midpoint up in the Petrie pattern from my last top. If I make it again I might make the armholes a little smaller than this overcorrection in sizing up, and the cowl still seems a tad on the large side, but I am happy with this one. I really like the racerback, and the colors.

I've been wearing a sports bra with it, which is also really nice in the hot hot weather we've been having recently. Speaking of which, this was perfect for the super hot weather last weekend when Olivia and I were out celebrating the Supreme Court ruling.

We're still packing like crazy, but we've also had some nice quiet mornings, too :)

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Weekend Recovery

I've been trying, roughly, to post every M/W/F lately, and apparently I need to get better at my Monday postings, because there is a definite spike in viewership there, even if I don't post. Sorry about that! I definitely needed some time to recover from this weekend. Brad & I went up to Michigan to look for an apartment (again), but this time we managed to pick one out! Yay! We also hung out with Brad's parents, who had just got back from a trip to Oregon, and I dragged Brad to various hipstery places.

Olivia hiding under my patio chair.

Happy Father's Day!

Morning knitting on the patio.

Pretty and rainy Detroit

Sister Pie for brunch! I loved it, but Brad hates anything he deems to 'hipster', this place included. I will be making many return trips, though, as the pie was delicious.

Buddy's Pizza for Sunday lunch before heading back to Columbus. Really great pizza.

I got this brass bee necklace from Fair Trade Winds about a week ago. It originally came choker-length with several bees, but I wanted a longer necklace, so I took one of the bees off and put it on its own chain. This is from when it was new, it has developed a nice patina now. I've been really getting into bees, and reading a lot about urban beekeeping. I don't think I'll be able to with an apartment, but hopefully I can keep some when we get a house.

Olivia and I went to the mall to try to tire her out. She wasn't very interested in the kids' play place (she's still a little young for it) but she loved carrying my bag and my keys around. 

I am still working on my Coachella. I finished it, but was unhappy with the final construction, frogged half of it, and am reknitting it. More details when it is finished, which is hopefully tomorrow.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Finish Line

The end is in sight! I have picked out the 3 remaining patterns I want to knit for this summer. After these I want to launch right in to winter/gift knitting, but I want to be able to finish this set first. It feels like forever since I finished my Cap Sleeve Lattice Top. In reality its been just over a month, and in that time I've half knit two projects and then frogged them. But my goal is to finish my Coachella top this weekend, and then start in on these.

The Colina is super cute and will be perfect in seafoam for summer.  The Begonia Pullover will be so dressy in navy! And I love this sleeve length. The Melody Shrug is a super cute cropped cardi. I have a high waist skirt that I love, but I don't really have any tops to wear with it. This will be perfect. The end is near!

Monday, June 15, 2015

FO: Bella Shrug

I completed my Bella Shrug yesterday.  I'd been working at my Fannie Fouche for a while, not really making any progress on it (the pattern is fantastic, and definitely worth the purchase (and I am really picky about patterns I pay for) the lack of progress was all my fault). I frogged it, but I still wanted a pink cardi for the summer. The Bella Shrug was super quick to crochet up, it used all 6 balls really fast. In the future I'd like to add some more rounds to make the edges bigger. I'm planning on wearing it to a wedding in a couple weekends, and it's perfect now. I actually took the pictures wearing my Petrie top, because that is what I'm wearing today (85 degrees out!). The Petrie has little stripes of pink in it that match the shrug, I think it's a neat detail. The spare room I usually take pictures in is full of half-full boxes of packing up, so I finagled taking pictures in the bedroom instead. I'm pleased they turned out well, although I think there is more light in the other room.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Crochet kick

I seem to be on a bit of a crochet kick recently, ever since I did that granny square blanket. I'm almost exclusively a knitter over crochet, but I think that because I've packed up all my sewing stuff, my attentions have turned to crochet. I've found a couple cute tops I'm looking forward to making. I frogged my Fannie Fouche cardi to make this Bella Shrug. 

I've also added this super cute to top to my summer style queue. I think this'll be great in the teal.

This dress is adorable (I love the stone detail on the neckline!) I dint think I'll aim for it this season, it's a bit ambitious, but I'm definitely keeping it in mind for the future.

I'm writing all this in my iPad in michigan, so I'll have to go back and add links and editing later. :p

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

4 Day Blanket

I finished up my second blanket today, which uses up the last of my yarn. I originally got 10 balls of Knit Picks' Billow, which is a super soft bulky cotton yarn. The thickness of the yarn varies in a 'handspun' style, and there is a lot more variation that the picture on the site shows. I really like the pastel colors that this yarn comes in, they all compliment each other nicely. This used the last of the yarn for this project. I was going to do a blanket KAL, but instead I frogged it all and made two lap blankets (the other one being the one from yesterday).  This one I was going to do in all cream and grey, but I decided to throw a strip of green in there in the end. The pattern is pretty basic, all knit, its the Purl Bee Colorblock Bias blanket. (No tassels on mine.) It's just under a yard on each side (feet for size reference) and make a perfect lap blanket. I'm pleased with this, I've been wanting to make a blanket for while (I wanted to make an actual size blanket, but this is a good start.)

Oh, big news! (and actually the reason I started this blanket anyway) Brad got a new job, and so we will be moving to Detroit in about a month. We're really excited, as Brad has family there, and his new job means I'll be able to afford to go back to school. But that also means we have a month to pack up & move, as well as pick a new apartment. We're actually going up this weekend to apartment hunt. I'm packing up pretty much all my stash yarn now, since the only stuff I really need to keep out is the garment knitting I'm working on. I really didn't want to pack up the original blanket pieces only half knit, because I was losing interest in the project, and I knew if I waited till later i'd never finish it. I decided to whip up these two blankets (I thought it would only take the weekend) but now I have two blankets, which are much easier to store and move, IMO, and they are pretty and functional! Now back to my garment knitting.