Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sunday Funday

Weekend update - not knitting related. We had a crazy fun weekend! A bunch of Brad's friends came down from Detroit for the weekend, and we went to the Clipper's baseball game at Huntington park. I don't think any of us actually watched the game, but we got $2 pulled pork sandwiches and $2 beers, which is their home game special, so we got full and pleasantly drunk for about $10 each. After that we went up to a place called The Pint Room in Dublin and tasted a bunch of local beers (I've totally turned Brad into a beer snob into local beers :) ) We all then played Halo till about 1 in the morning. Saturday we went to Son of Thurman in Delaware (second location of the world famous Thurman Burger in German Village in Columbus, and got massive burgers. We also went to Staas' in Delaware, Brad is friends with the owner. We sure do go to a lot of bars, now that I think about it :p
Unfortunately, Jeni's Ice Cream is closed temporarily because of the Listeria outbreak, and we didn't have time to fit Cane's into our trip this time. (Not local, but delicious chicken fingers that they don't have in Michigan.) I actually took a picture of everyone hanging out in our apartment, because it was really nice to have a bunch of friends over, just chilling.

11 people all hanging out - coworkers and friends from Michigan and Ohio

Restaurant over looking Huntington Park

Brad and his brother being super mature at the baseball park

Last Tuesday we went out for my mom's birthday, and she and my sister were incredibly nice and watched Olivia Friday and Saturday nights so that we could hang out with our friends as late as we wanted. 

My mom sent me texts about cute stuff Olivia was doing.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

FO: Petrie

I finished my Petrie! I like it a lot. I ended up knitting a size M. I actually finished it in time for Easter, but it was shorter than I wanted, so I unpicked the hem, and knitted down about another 4 inches. Now its the perfect length! I wore it to work today with a white cardigan, I even added some pearls to kick up the 60s vibe.

Monday, April 20, 2015

FO: Sketchbook Cardigan

I finished my sketchbook cardigan! Ravelry tells me it took pretty solidly two months to knit, which seems reasonable. If I wasn't knitting anything else at the same time, or had ordered enough yarn from the get go, I probably could have done it in a month. I am pleased with the fit, and I am really happy with how well I got my stripes to line up.

These are work bathroom selfies, because I have yet to teach Brad how to operate a camera, but I definitely need to, because I need better pictures to show off my finished objects better! Saturday was too hot for layers, so even though I finished it Friday night I didn't wear it until Sunday. Sunday & Monday have been in the 60s and a bit rainy, which is honestly the best weather for this. 

Also, I figure, who doesn't love little kid pics, so here is Olivia out at lunch Saturday.

I don't why she looks so sad here, but I think it's hilarious. 

She was dancing to the music. 

I did cast on this short waistcoat (which I am just going to call a vest.) I ordered more yarn for my Fannie Fouche, but it got sent to the wrong address. I stopped by 3 times and left a note, but never heard back from the new tenants :( I hope they enjoy their free yarn :p I am re-ordering that yarn today, so I should have it by the end of the week, hopefully. 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Flashback Tuesday

I was going to do a FO post, but instead I'm gonna talk about some other stuff. I actually forgot our two year anniversary yesterday :p (It's fine, because so did Brad.) His mom actually texted us before we remembered. Technically, our 'real' anniversary is June 8, which was when we had our big fancy party wedding, but we got legally married at the courthouse on April 13, 2013.

OK so, Brad and I dated for 2 1/2 years before we got engaged, and our plan was to be engaged about a 1 1/2 before we got married, but a little over a year into our engagement I got pregnant. (Oops, haha). Also, about 4 days after I found out I was pregnant, my dad unexpectedly died. So that was an exciting week. We waited until I was three months along to tell our families, and then we went down to the courthouse to get married, mostly because I need Brad's insurance. His parents came down from Michigan, and my mom & brother were there. We went out to eat afterwards, and it was actually a really sweet day. I don't have any pictures from that say actually, but I know my mom and mother-in-law do somewhere.

This is the last picture we have of our family together (minus my sister, who couldn't make it.) My mom, dad, brother and I drove down to Florida to celebrate New Years with my Aunt, Uncle and Grandma (that's my dad's mom). My hair is bright orange because I was going from brown to red and apparently couldn't wait till after the trip. 

Brad and me through the years. The one on the left a friend photographer took while we were dating, the one in the middle was from our wedding in Mackinac, and the right one was from an impromptu weekend trip to Chicago in the middle of winter with some friends. Also for the record, I am not really short, Brad is really tall :)

Thursday, April 9, 2015

There and back again-

Sorry for the sudden radio silence! Our internet went out at home, and then we went away for the weekend. Someone came to take a look at it yesterday, but wasn't able to fix it, so we still don't have home internet consistently, which is a real bummer, especially since I'm usually on the internet all the time. I did make progress on my Petrie top and my Sketchbook cardi, although I actually ran out of yarn for them (they both use the same type, so its been doing double duty). (I am super close to finishing both!) I ordered more that should arrive this evening. In the absence of internet entertainment or knitting to sustain me, I've been trying to avoid casting on anything else, since I don't want a lot of projects to stack up. I got a decent amount of roving spun - up until Olivia, overcome with curiosity, stuck her face in my wheel. She came away with all her important parts, but that means no more spinning unless Olivia is corralled away somewhere. I did give in and cast on a Fannie Fouche because I do want a coral cardigan.

Images from Ravelry project page.

Normally I don't do quite such fussy detailing, but I really like that tab piece in the back. The construction is interesting too, its top-down, but instead of raglan sleeves you knit what is basically a garter stitch tab (except stockinette, and much larger). It makes for a seamless cap sleeve top, which is neat. Of course, I only has one ball of this yarn, because I;m using leftovers from the Petrie, so I used that up and ordered more, but I'll wait to work on this till I finish the other too.

As the weather warms up, I haven't been wearing sweaters over my work shirts, and I am scrambling for an alternative. I like layers, but I want to keep them light. Once this and the sketchbook cardigan are done I can wear those, but I'll need more options for daily wear.

I'm actually coming up a bit short in sewing patterns for vests for women that aren't steampunk/Victorian or super retro. (I am probably the only woman under 50 who actually wants to wear a vest:p) I need something like Ravelry except for sewing patters, where I can search a whole bunch. Burda Style is the only one I know of, and they only feature their own patterns. I like their stuff in general, but I don't love it.

I found these vests, and I think one of them will definitely be on my needles next.

The Spencer vest is really more of a blazer/cardigan, but I've been looking at sewing patterns for blazers, and I'm a lot more confidant in my ability to knit one than sew one at this point. I'm not usually a big fan of Drops, but that short waistcoat is exactly what I was looking for, design-wise. The Pathways vest in the middle seems time consuming, but also very stylish. 

Friday, March 27, 2015

I've got it figured out

Sort of. I've figured out the best way to keep things clean and organized around a toddler is to keep things away from them. We put child locks on all the cabinet doors as soon as we moved in, we put toilet bowl locks on last week (after she threw her socks in there), and as soon as we get some child-proof door locks we'll use those those too. (The bottom shelf in the pantry is useless, because Olivia thinks its fun to throw cans on the floor. Ouch!) Anything less than two feet off the floor is pretty much fair game. Ideally, we'd anticipate what she's about to tear apart before she does it, but as is, we're about a half step behind. Anyway, I figured something out today that I'm pretty pleased with. 

Olivia loves pulling things out of my purse or her diaper bag. We have wasted so many things of diaper wipes because Olivia loves pulling them all out like tissues. Unfortunately, the diaper bag and purse are necessary pretty much every time we leave, so they need to stay near the door. Command hooks to the rescue! We rent, and I'd like to put as few halls in the wall as possible.

On the organization front, I finally figured out how to organize my circular needles!

It isn't the most travel-friendly solution, but at least I can see what I have, and they aren't all shoved in my straight needle case. 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Tuesday's are usually my knitting update posts. Not only did I not post on Tuesday, but I have no knitting updates to show. That's right, I've knit almost nothing for a whole week. We did hang out with a lot of people which was tons of fun, so it was a pretty good trade off. I had two different interviews that took up what is normally knitting time. Friday we went to BW3 for March Madness with some of Brad's coworkers. Saturday we went to the Columbus Auto Show, then had some friends over in the afternoon, then went to other friends' house for a party there. Sunday I worked, and then for dinner we hung out with some amazing people we know who spend half their time in other countries, so social time with them is pretty limited. It was an amazing weekend, but I do wish I had had some knitting time in the middle. Today is rainy and chilly, and really, isn't that just perfect weather?

Olivia and her friend read books (Olivia's is upside down)

She loved wearing those glasses. She kept putting them on and she walked around wearing them a good bit.

I did sign up for a KAL with a friend of mine to make a blanket. I've been wanting to knit a blanket, and I'm pretty sure a KAL is the only way that's gonna happen. So I've ordered yet more yarn.  Oh! And I did my roving from Zenitude in the mail, and its so pretty! Although I'm making myself not even think of spinning it till I've spun and plied all my other roving first :p