Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Michael J. Fox!

Last night my mom & I got to see Michael J Fox! I love him. I think he is just one of the sweetest people around. I have two of his books, and I've seen almost everything he's been in. Ohio Health is doing a lot of groundbreaking neuroscience research, and they had an event at the Ohio Theatre where several doctors talked about the research they were doing, and then Michael came out and talked a little bit about his life, having Parkinson's, and the Michael J Fox foundation. I already knew some of the stories from his book, but not all of them. He was sweet and funny IRL, and even though he was 200 yards away it's probably the closest I'll ever get to him so that was pretty cool.

Apparently you weren't supposed to take pictures (oops!)

I wore this eshakti dress out for the first time, and got several compliments on it!

Monday, May 25, 2015

Handmade May

I really like leeleetea's post about 'Handmade May' instead of 'Me Made May'. #memademay or #mmm15 is big with sewists. I think it's awesome. I haven't really had enough me made stuff to participate on a regular basis (this is only the second year I've heard of it). Plus with knitting, the type of garments I make are a little more difficult to layer. Usually it's shawls or cowls or mittens or something. I don't have clothes other people I know have made for me, but I do have a lot of fair trade clothes that I'm counting as 'handmade'. I don't wear a lot of dresses unfortunately, and until now, have not successfully made a pair of pants. (I did made a lovely pair of Thurlow trousers I failed to pre-wash and shrank, but I'm going to pretend that didn't happen.) I did manage to make a pair of capris with a basic PJ pants pattern. There aren't any pockets, but I hemmed the ends nicely. Since this is a linen-blend fabric, they are fancier than PJ pants, and I could definitely see wearing them with nice wedges and a blouse. I'm wearing them with a button up shirt I got at Eshakti, which makes this my first official handmade/fairtrade outfit! (Bonus points, I wore my Tom's with them.)

For the Memorial Day weekend we took Olivia to the pool at our gym. She's finally old enough to enjoy the pool, although she doesn't know how to swim yet. We swam around with her in the kiddie pool, and then she went to daycare for a little bit while Brad & I had a 'grownup' pool party. (A gym that has a bar by the pool is the best!)

Sunday, May 10, 2015

FO: Cap Sleeve Lattice Top

I finished my Cap Sleeve Lattice top! I am very happy with it. I made it a bit longer and added a shirttail hem. The cotton is great for summer, and I like that this is piece #2 in my 'summer set' using the same color scheme as my Petrie top. I have three more tops in this color scheme (I added a 4th color for a bit more variety) I would have taken more photos, but Olivia tried knocking the doors off their rails, and knocking over the tripod. :p

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Works in Progress Recap

I'm doing crazy house cleaning this week, since it got a little wrecked last weekend (it was worth it) and my in-laws are going to be in town this upcoming week. They won't be staying with us, but I still want every inch of our apartment to be picture perfect. That said, I did still have time to cast on at least one more project, and knit a decent bit of another.

I've still got my Fannie Fouche going, but it's fiddly enough that I can't really take it with me anywhere, and I have to devote a chunk of time to work on it at a time. I'm still excited to finished it though. Next is my Cap Sleeve Lattice Top. I'm going to make it with wide white and navy stripes, and pink at the top. I do want to add a shirttail hem to the end when I finish (I love shirt tail hems). Its a whole lot of stockinette and no shaping, so its a perfect 'travel' knit. I bought some Lindy Chain a little while ago to make a sweater. Then I kicked myself, because why did I think I'd knit a sweater out of lace weight yarn? I've started a couple projects with it, but have frogged them all. Its cotton yarn, but because it is so thin (or maybe because of the 'chain' style') it feels too scratchy to make anything that would be up against my skin with it. I've been itching to knit something with it though, because I hate buying nice yarn and then not ever doing anything with it. I wrapped 4 strands together and made a nice aran weight yarn, and cast on the Chalice Baby Blanket. I figure it'll either be a handy gift if I need one, or it'll be a lovely summer lap blanket. I just packed up all our winter blankets, but I like having one around just in case it gets cool, and because I like the weight. Finally, I got some Mulberry Silk yarn from Woolie Bullie on Etsy, and it's so pretty I can hardly stand it. This colorway is called 'Raw Turquoise' and the blue with bits of amber and dark brown are gorgeous. Its on top of my quickly growing 'to spin' pile. 

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sunday Funday

Weekend update - not knitting related. We had a crazy fun weekend! A bunch of Brad's friends came down from Detroit for the weekend, and we went to the Clipper's baseball game at Huntington park. I don't think any of us actually watched the game, but we got $2 pulled pork sandwiches and $2 beers, which is their home game special, so we got full and pleasantly drunk for about $10 each. After that we went up to a place called The Pint Room in Dublin and tasted a bunch of local beers (I've totally turned Brad into a beer snob into local beers :) ) We all then played Halo till about 1 in the morning. Saturday we went to Son of Thurman in Delaware (second location of the world famous Thurman Burger in German Village in Columbus, and got massive burgers. We also went to Staas' in Delaware, Brad is friends with the owner. We sure do go to a lot of bars, now that I think about it :p
Unfortunately, Jeni's Ice Cream is closed temporarily because of the Listeria outbreak, and we didn't have time to fit Cane's into our trip this time. (Not local, but delicious chicken fingers that they don't have in Michigan.) I actually took a picture of everyone hanging out in our apartment, because it was really nice to have a bunch of friends over, just chilling.

11 people all hanging out - coworkers and friends from Michigan and Ohio

Restaurant over looking Huntington Park

Brad and his brother being super mature at the baseball park

Last Tuesday we went out for my mom's birthday, and she and my sister were incredibly nice and watched Olivia Friday and Saturday nights so that we could hang out with our friends as late as we wanted. 

My mom sent me texts about cute stuff Olivia was doing.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

FO: Petrie

I finished my Petrie! I like it a lot. I ended up knitting a size M. I actually finished it in time for Easter, but it was shorter than I wanted, so I unpicked the hem, and knitted down about another 4 inches. Now its the perfect length! I wore it to work today with a white cardigan, I even added some pearls to kick up the 60s vibe.

Monday, April 20, 2015

FO: Sketchbook Cardigan

I finished my sketchbook cardigan! Ravelry tells me it took pretty solidly two months to knit, which seems reasonable. If I wasn't knitting anything else at the same time, or had ordered enough yarn from the get go, I probably could have done it in a month. I am pleased with the fit, and I am really happy with how well I got my stripes to line up.

These are work bathroom selfies, because I have yet to teach Brad how to operate a camera, but I definitely need to, because I need better pictures to show off my finished objects better! Saturday was too hot for layers, so even though I finished it Friday night I didn't wear it until Sunday. Sunday & Monday have been in the 60s and a bit rainy, which is honestly the best weather for this. 

Also, I figure, who doesn't love little kid pics, so here is Olivia out at lunch Saturday.

I don't why she looks so sad here, but I think it's hilarious. 

She was dancing to the music. 

I did cast on this short waistcoat (which I am just going to call a vest.) I ordered more yarn for my Fannie Fouche, but it got sent to the wrong address. I stopped by 3 times and left a note, but never heard back from the new tenants :( I hope they enjoy their free yarn :p I am re-ordering that yarn today, so I should have it by the end of the week, hopefully.