Thursday, October 15, 2015

Summer plans

Even though we're really just getting into the swing of fall, I'm planning ahead to next spring. A lot of things will be happening that I'm excited about, I won't be pregnant, I'll be in school, and I'll be looking for/have a 'real' job.

Now that I have my sweaters and corduroys for fall, I feel like I really have my fall/winter style down. I always loved fall styles best, so that's naturally what I gravitate too, and I'm pleased I finally feel like I have a set wardrobe and color palette for those seasons. I've generally struggled with spring/summer styles, because I never want to wear layers, and it's too hot to care about what I look like most of the time. I did really like my beachy/nautical theme this past summer, even though I didn't have a complete wardrobe in it, but I want to turn it up a notch for this next summer, and see if I can pull off a real, defined capsule wardrobe.

I want to switch from coral & navy to red & navy, and also through some teal, white and maybe a bit of gray in there too. I don't want to do anything too cutesy or twee, so I'm aiming for more of a 'preppy' look.

Some things I have planned out what I want, and some things are more general style ideas.

The shoes are Tom's (one, two). I don't fit ladies' size Tom's, so I have to go with mens' shoes. It limits me a bit on styles, but I like these two a lot. The Outliner Cardigan I want to do in navy blue with white piping. These white pants are from Eddie Bauer and also come in a lovely dark wash. Finding something style specific - like white pants - in my size and in tall can be difficult, I think going with cropped ones will just be easier. Bonus, it still fits the preppy look. I want to remake my Petrie top in a couple different designs, definitely a white and navy without the coral, and maybe just a straight up red one too (oh, maybe I could add sequins or something sparkly!)

Here I really like the stripe pattern on this dress, although floppy knit dresses are really not for me. I may incorporate that design into something I end up knitting my self. I like this put together outfit, to remind myself what I'm aiming for when this is finished. Also, I think the dark wash jeans instead of true navy pants is a good idea, because then you can wear navy tops without being too matchy matchy. The nautical themed jewelry I found on Etsy (one, two) and I like because I tend to only wear a few pieces of jewelry, but the same pieces all the time. I want some nice strappy white shoes for dressier outfits, and do go with my anchor dress I already own (although I now see I never got around to taking a picture of it). I think I'm actually going to frog my current Petrie and Striped Summer Top and reknit them both pretty much the same but without the corals. For the rest of my knitting I want to use Knit Picks CotLin yarn except the addition of the linen gives it a nice drape, and the DK weight is lighter than my current worsted weight yarn. Something fun though, I don't love the super bright Moroccan Red offered in CotLin, so I'm going to take some of the white and dye it red myself.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Fall colors

I finished my hat! I wore it to the Yates Cider Mill on Sunday. The weather was perfect, about 60 degrees. We got hot cider and donuts, Olivia got to pet some goats, and they had a nice little nature walk. After that we all went home and napped all afternoon!

I haven't added the strap and button to my hat yet, although I did knit up the strap. In other knitting news, I finally decided what to knit with my Knit Picks Andean Treasure Alpaca yarn. I was going to knit a vest, but since I'm switching to a job with a stricter dress code, I'm not sure I want to knit a garment I can't wear at work and won't be able to wear till after I'm pregnant anyway. I was going to go with a Brush Creek Shawl, which I have knit before. I turns out that this gorgeous, supersoft yarn is pretty fuzzy with not great stitch definition, so the details would get lost. I ended up just casting on for a garter stitch cowl. I already knit up a whole ball, and washed it as a giant swatch to see how many balls I would need. I'm thinking 2 1/2, which will make this quite the speedy knit.

It stretched out a lot more than this after washing. Also, in organization news, I got my Plum Paper planner! I love it. I got it personalized just the way I like, and it's so pretty! It did take about 6 weeks to get here, so if you need a replacement planner start ordering soon. So far I don't have a ton to write down, but it'll be great for organizing school and work once I'm doing both. 

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

A million things happened while I was gone.

I didn’t intent to take a hiatus from blogging, things just kind of got away from me. We’ve been in Michigan about 3 months now, and so far things are going pretty good. I’m pregnant! (Almost 3 months exactly) and I got a job. I’m working part time, but looking for a full time job, and once that happens even more of my time will be gone. But going to good stuff. I’m also still planning on going to school in January, but I’m still undecided on exactly what I want to be when I ‘grow up’.

As far as knitting goes, I’ve gotten almost none done. I knit almost half of my sister’s Sperry, but then ended up frogging it. I am working on this hat, and I’d like to make these Beeswax mitts in the same color, but those are just for me. I’m not going to be able to knit my sister a sweater between now and Christmas, so I am planning on making her this colordipped hat instead. What I really need to do is just stop knitting Christmas gifts, because I don’t really have enthusiasm to knit for other people, just myself, ha.

I have also decided that even though I’ve been knitting or years, I haven’t really been pushing myself to learn more about knitting. I know enough techniques, but when it comes to knitting patters, I usually knit straight from the pattern or made simple adjustments, but I don’t really understand construction as well as I could. I’ve been reading Knitting Pattern Essentials: Adapting and Drafting Knitting Patterns for Great Knitwear by Sally Melville. I like it a lot so far, it’s full of great information. I don’t know if I’ll actually start designing my own patterns or anything, but I will understand patterns I knit know a lot better.

I bought some of Knit Pick’s Andean Treasure yarn, and it is a dream. It’s 100% Alpaca, so it’s super soft, and I’m guessing it’ll be really warm. After I’m finished with the hat and mitts I want to knit the Vested &Stylish top in it. I’m going to use my new knowledge from the book to make some adjustments, because I’ll need it to be pretty big, and considerably longer. After that I’d really love to knit Cracked Pepper in Knit Picks Tweed TahitianPearl, because the color is so lovely and I think it’ll make a really nice neutral sweater. (Remember how I planned to make like 6 sweaters over the winter? Yeah, that’s not happening.) 

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Two Weeks in Twenty Minutes

The last two weeks have just been a whirlwind - some good, some bad. I shot a beautiful wedding July 3rd, and then headed up to Michigan for 4th of July with Brad's family (man, 4th of July seems like ages ago now!). We stayed up there Monday & Tuesday while Brad got the hang of the new job, and then Brad & I headed back down to Columbus. Olivia hung out with her Michigan grandparents, which was incredibly helpful, as Brad worked Wed, Thurs & Fri while I packed up everything we owned. (We slept on the floor Fri night after putting our mattress in the truck - big mistake!) Saturday we drove up to Michigan one last time, and unloaded everything into Brad's parents garage. We've been staying with them this whole last week. This last weekend we went down to Columbus and I did a Color Run 5k! It was super fun, although really, really, hot! The high for the day was 90! We also got to hang out with my mom and grandma which was nice. And - Tomorrow we are moving into our new apartment! (Where we wont have internet until Monday.) Amazon had their 20th anniversary super sale, where I scored a new Nikon D3200. I'm super excited to use it, although I'm still busy editing the wedding photos from July 3rd (they're lovely so far).

As fair as knitting goes, I've been going crazy. I started my fall knitting! I know the weather's been crazy hot, but I've been sitting in super blast air conditioning here, and I'm really really excited for all my winter sweaters. I ended up frogging my Colina, I knit about 12 inches of garter stitch, and lost all interest. That was going to be my teal yarn. I'm not sure what I'll knit with it know. I think also instead of knitting a Begonia Pullover with my navy yarn I'll knit another Petrie, because I really love the shape of the first one. The Sunday we moved up here I cast on a Sperry, which is my X-mas gift for my sister. My plan is to make a sweater for someone else, and a sweater for myself at the same time. My plan was to knit a Sperry for my sister as well as for me. When I started her Sperry, I thought I would lose interest really quickly, and start mine and kind of knit them row for row. Instead, I was really invested in hers. I have a nice lace cable pattern for interest, and it went pretty quick. I actually knit a ball the first day, and then a whole second ball the second day! At this rate, I'd have a sweater done in a week! Then I went for a third ball....and I had misplaced all my other yarn for this project! 6 balls I swear I had and can't find. I'm not too worried, everything we own is in the garage right now, so they HAVE to be in there somewhere, but it was a bummer to get kicked out of my groove so quickly. I needed something new to knit. I did have yarn for a Sperry for myself, but the shine had worn off starting a new one. I ended up casting on a Faux Cardi Pullover. It's not on my official fall knit list, but I've low-key been wanting to make for a while, and actually in this yarn, but just never got around to it. Tomorrow will be a week, and I've managed to complete the body and started the sleeves today. Of course, the whole moving thing will be slowing me down significantly.
I ordered yarn for my 3-in1, which is what I plan to knit next. While I knit that I'll finish up the Fireside Sweater for a friend I started last year. I have the body all knit up, I just need to do the sleeves and seam it together, so that should give me lots of time to work on the 3-in1 :) Now, lots of pictures from the weekend!

From the wedding

Testing the new camera settings

Playing around in the backyard at Brad's parents'.

Color Run! Brad got glitter in his beer!

Visiting the animals at Aunt's farm!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Fall Color Plans

I really love fall colors. Since my summer knitting goals have been a success, I'm planning my next season (although I'm also planning for this 'fall' knitting to take me into next spring). I want to use Knit Picks Swish yarn in either DK or worsted yarn. I really like the quality, and it's superwash which is great for taking care of over time.

I'm trying to decide if I should add a blue or green to even out all the warm colors, but right now I'm happy with a traditionally fall color palette. 

I've also picked out a pretty decent selection of projects to knit. I don't think I'll get through them all, but I tried to keep a similar style but have enough variety that I won't get bored. 

3 in 1, Ease, Blackberry Cabled Cardigan. These 3 are on my definite to-do list. I've liked them for a long time, but for one reason or another I never cast on and knitted them. 

Echo Lodge, Battersea Hall, Anchor Mine. I initially like Echo Lodge, but it comes in a set with several other patterns. I checked them out and I thought these two were really cute as well, so I'm adding them to my goals list. 

Ice Shanty, Still Light Tunic. I wanted to make Ice Shanty at first, doesn't it look super comfy? But then I was thinking about it, that's going to be a big undertaking. It's basically a blanket size knit in sweater form. The Still Light Tunic seemes a similar concept, but less of an 'undertaking', so it's going on my list.

Head Turner Tunic, Thousand Tides Tunic, Sperry. These are my 'like 'em, but not love 'em' list. I think these are pretty, classic silhouettes, but I'm not particularly passionate about them. I think the Head Turner Tunic has a neat construction, and Sperry is the template I'm using to knit my sister's sweater, so I'll make that one at least once. 

Tomorrow I am photographing a wedding, then driving from Columbus to Detroit for a long weekend of 4th of July celebrations and Brad's first few days at his new job. Then we're back in Columbus where one weekend bleeds into another as we move all our stuff up to Brad's parents garage for a few weeks before we're able to move into the new place. Suffice it to say, updating may be spotty for a while :)

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

FO: Coachella + Weekend stuff

I finished my Coachella top! I have a lot of opinions about it ;) I like the overall finished product, but it took a lot of work to get there. I originally cast on the large size, but when I realized it was top down and not bottom up, that the neckline was going to be *way* too big. I frogged, and recast on a small. I work a small at the neckline, and sized up to a medium by the bottom of the armholes. I knit the rest of it down, but trying it on after it was finished showed that the cowl was still way too big, but the armholes were smaller than was comfortable. I frogged just top front half, and knit it from the midpoint up in the Petrie pattern from my last top. If I make it again I might make the armholes a little smaller than this overcorrection in sizing up, and the cowl still seems a tad on the large side, but I am happy with this one. I really like the racerback, and the colors.

I've been wearing a sports bra with it, which is also really nice in the hot hot weather we've been having recently. Speaking of which, this was perfect for the super hot weather last weekend when Olivia and I were out celebrating the Supreme Court ruling.

We're still packing like crazy, but we've also had some nice quiet mornings, too :)

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Weekend Recovery

I've been trying, roughly, to post every M/W/F lately, and apparently I need to get better at my Monday postings, because there is a definite spike in viewership there, even if I don't post. Sorry about that! I definitely needed some time to recover from this weekend. Brad & I went up to Michigan to look for an apartment (again), but this time we managed to pick one out! Yay! We also hung out with Brad's parents, who had just got back from a trip to Oregon, and I dragged Brad to various hipstery places.

Olivia hiding under my patio chair.

Happy Father's Day!

Morning knitting on the patio.

Pretty and rainy Detroit

Sister Pie for brunch! I loved it, but Brad hates anything he deems to 'hipster', this place included. I will be making many return trips, though, as the pie was delicious.

Buddy's Pizza for Sunday lunch before heading back to Columbus. Really great pizza.

I got this brass bee necklace from Fair Trade Winds about a week ago. It originally came choker-length with several bees, but I wanted a longer necklace, so I took one of the bees off and put it on its own chain. This is from when it was new, it has developed a nice patina now. I've been really getting into bees, and reading a lot about urban beekeeping. I don't think I'll be able to with an apartment, but hopefully I can keep some when we get a house.

Olivia and I went to the mall to try to tire her out. She wasn't very interested in the kids' play place (she's still a little young for it) but she loved carrying my bag and my keys around. 

I am still working on my Coachella. I finished it, but was unhappy with the final construction, frogged half of it, and am reknitting it. More details when it is finished, which is hopefully tomorrow.